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Pet Vaccinations

“Prevention is the Best Medicine”

Like you and I pets are at risk of contracting many diseases. Fortunately many can be prevented through regular bi-annual pet examinations and vaccinations. Vaccinations fortify the immune system and aid in fighting diseases by preparing the body for intruding organisms that it may encounter and help build a strong immune system to defend your pet’s health.

In young puppies and kittens a series of vaccinations are given to help the body develop an immune system able to help fight off any infectious diseases. Mature pets require yearly re-vaccinations to boost this immunity. Indoor cats also require yearly vaccinations to strengthen their immunity. As your pets age their immune system may not be as capable to overcome diseases that can be transmitted from you to your pet without even realizing it.

It is important to maintain a vaccination schedule for adult animals to set in place what is called a 'herd or community immunity'. Keeping your healthy, adult pets properly vaccinated not only prevents your pet from contracting a potentially lethal disease it also keeps more at-risk animals, such as kittens, seniors, or immuno-deficient animals, safe. 

Below you will find link for short descriptions of common diseases we vaccinate against for cats, dogs and ferrets. ALL of these animals should be vaccinated against rabies. For more detailed information regarding the importance of vaccination, risk factors and frequently asked questions, click here.


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  • "We very recently just had to take our ferret Belle in for spaying in order to break her heat. They were amazing with her. Not only did they fix her problem, but they saved her life. Our family is forever grateful. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."
    Katrina B / Stoney Creek, ON

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